The Rutland Professor Behind The Flat-Earth Movement’s Rise.

By Reverend Cyril Blanchard

In Mesopotamian mythology the Earth was portrayed at flat. I have no idea why that wasn’t good enough for people but, typically, science often gets in the way of truth, especially when it comes to mythology, the earliest recorded truth there is. Then the Greeks came along with their maths and geometry and started polluting the minds of people with ridiculous notions regarding our planet being round…between 6BC and 3BC the debate raged but eventually the conspiracy theorists won and it was established as “fact” that the planet was not flat. For 2000 years humanity has had to stomach this quite ridiculous non-truth and when the space race began and mankind’s futile attempts to reach beyond the firmament God put around the Earth began, people not only believed that we’d somehow reached outer space (which does not exist, for those not in the know) but that we’d left “satellites” supposedly orbiting the planet! While the sane among us know that the firmament curves over the planet, separating this world from heaven, there have been thousands of supposedly accurate scientific proofs that we can not only break through the firmament, but actually send people to the moon…! While it’s been proven countless times that NASA was set up purely as a cold-war propaganda machine and that they have never actually managed to break through the firmament, they spent millions of dollars on special effects to convince the world we could fly around “outer space”, even suggesting we can send spaceships out to the farthest reaches of our so-called galaxy, a galaxy not once mentioned in the Bible I should add, to look at the other planets that are supposedly out there. It was mass-brainwashing, a crime against humanity itself and anyone who’s actually observed a NASA shuttle launch can see with their own eyes how the flight of a spaceship curves as it goes higher into the sky, never being able to fly directly up and leave our domain. With science and secularism so closely related, generation after generation have been taught falsehoods about our world, in complete contradiction to the word of the Bible among other things and it seemed that the truth might be lost forever.

A few years ago a number of videos found their way onto YouTube, explaining how ridiculous the notion of a round (globe) Earth is and offering rock-solid science to back up the claims, science that any of us can do. The Governments and the science community have tried, but failed, to silence those speaking out against the globe model and indeed, thanks to a number of hackers working for the new flat-earth movement, evidence that NASA has been using Photoshop to create false images of outer space, other planets and even our supposedly round earth, has been revealed. In the past three years the movement has grown hugely and has started to gain valuable support from some very famous people, known for their music, fashion and television appearances and the public at large is beginning to realise that the wool has been pulled over their eyes for too long. Well-known celebrities and personalities such as glamour model Tila Tequila are not only asking difficult questions, they are proving the so-called experts wrong. Heroes such as Samuel Shenton, founder of the International Flat-Earth Research Society, started to wake everyone up to the news that we had been lied to for hundreds of years but even he would be surprised at how far the movement has gone since he sadly passed on. I would imagine he’s watching down from heaven with God at his shoulder telling him “you had faith, child, and now look” as a new generation of truth-seekers emerges. Famous rapper BoB (a.k.a Bobby Ray Simmons Jnr) has released several singles about the truth of our flat earth and social media is alive. While the anti-God and anti-religion “libtard” left wing are falling over themselves to find ways to disprove the truth they are increasingly finding that they have precious few excuses left; we are on a cusp of a victory, a victory for truth and God. Our home is flat! Hallelujah! At last there is hope for us all!


“If the earth was a spinning globe then how come airplanes can still land without crashing? Because the face of the earth is flat, not a globe” – Tila Tequila.

Finally, in 2016, society is asking difficult questions and science simply does not have the answers. At last we’re starting to ask probing questions about the Sun, the Moon, about the lie that is gravity, about the perfectly flat horizon we see from any point on the planet and how ships that sail into the distance simply disappear, they don’t drop below the horizon. You do not need to be scientist to understand these things. If the earth was a spinning globe how would aeroplanes ever reach their destination if they were flying in the same direction as the earth spins, unless they could fly at well in excess of 2000mph! How can Australia really be “down under”? If it was underneathcr8qraqumaarpio the rest of the world, people living there would be walking upside down, which is impossible or they would simply fall off the ground! The simplest explanation is always the right one and Occam’s Razor proves it. Water cannot stick to a ball and curve around it, and you know this to be true; I don’t have to tell you! So, isn’t it more likely that the earth is flat and water fills the depths, the craters, the valleys between  our countries and so is perfectly flat to the human eye? Of course it is, and all these questions have simple, observable answers but how did these questions make their way into the hearts and minds of the general public, a public that only now are realising the lies they’ve been told after so many years? It took a hero, a man of conviction, a man of truth and of natural science itself. After keeping his head low for over a decade, Professor Lindsay Cookson from Rutland University, Rutland, has finally revealed to the world that he has been secretly driving the anti-globe agenda from the privacy of his University office but after a recent online survey suggested 78% of Christians in the USA who were home-schooled believe that the earth is flat, he has decided it’s time to step out of the shadows and lead the final battle against the lies perpetuated by governments, scientists and non-believers all around the world. Professor Cookson wants only that, at last, we can be free of myth, free of bad science, free of lies and free to live on God’s flat earth without the burden of “truth”, “evidence” and “proof” that we’ve had to endure.


“If you can fake a moon landing, you can certainly fake an image of the planet as a globe. The next time you’re up a hill, take a photo, open it on your computer, print it off and you’ll be able to draw a perfectly straight line from left to right along the horizon. You don’t need a science degree, just a ruler and a pencil.” – Professor Lindsay Cookson.

Professor Cookson has been a Theatre and Performance lecturer, specialising in the avant-garde, for well over 25 years. He has studied both sides of the globe planet/flat earth argument and is in absolutely no doubt which is correct, as he explained to me: “The Old Testament of the Bible reflects the Israelites view of creation and the cosmos; that’s good enough for me, frankly, but with everything else I have tested and observed, there is no question to answer; our planet is flat, it couldn’t be any other way. If the earth was spinning at 650mph or whatever it is, then if I jumped straight up the earth would travel at that speed for the duration I was in the air – anyone who jumped up would be slammed into a house or a tree! Try it, if you don’t believe me, but you’ll land pretty much where you took off. Think about it, the Olympic Games long-jumpers would be able to jump for a mile! It’s just ridiculous. If you drop a water balloon from the top of a block of flats it doesn’t fly off to the west, it just falls straight down because the earth is not spinning and the water balloon is heavy. Only the godless would want to convince anyone otherwise and centuries of fairy stories and lies have led us to this sad place in our history where science is suddenly deciding what is and isn’t right. Is science the supreme being? Is science all seeing and all knowing? Does science have a divine plan? I think not.”

Professor Cookson has spent the last few years exposing how GPS tracking fools aeroplanes into thinking they’re flying straight lines across a “globe” when in fact they’re flying in circles around a disc, showing that satellites are really just antennae placed covertly at very high points across the earth to ensure we can broadcast signals across the planet and ensuring that more and more people understand Zetetic Astronomy in specific regard to the many lies created and told by NASA. Professor Cookson has spoken publicly about his dismay that the truth has been treated as if it’s a conspiracy theory while rich, powerful, men set about destroying not only minds, not only faith, but the planet itself. The dominant cultural narrative is not always the correct way to think and the globe-model earth can be entirely debunked with one, real, photograph…


One of the last arguments still to be completely won is centred around gravity and Professor Cookson knows that once the public realise that there is no gravity and that the earth isn’t spinning, it’s actually travelling upward, and that those two things are really the same thing, science will be forced to accept defeat and the ridiculous questioning of Biblical history, of prophecy, of creation and of God himself, may finally come to an end as the world finally accepts Christianity as the first and last truth of our world. “There is no gravity, there’s just weight and ascension. If you throw something up in the air it’ll come down again because it’s heavy and we’re travelling upwards. It’s really that simple. Like all good science you don’t need to be a scientist to do it. It’s only the bad, propaganda-based, science that requires “experts” and “years of training” and these people, the Illuminati, are the ones who have fueled the lies. God created the earth, gave us light, a spotlight to be precise, and put us “on” the world, on top of it, not below it, not around it, on top of it. It’s in the Bible; what possible reason could you have not to believe it? Money, that can be the only reason. People who tell these lies profit from it. The truth is free and it will always be free.”


“When you leave the earth’s atmosphere at 80k feet (which you can’t cuz ur in earth prison) you’ll enter MORE WATER! That’s why sky is blue!” – Tila Tequila

Professor Cookson has been covertly arming the flat earth community with the facts they’ve needed in order to make a stand against the might of political corruption, slowly but surely spreading the truth but from behind a wall. His Twitter alias @UnderstandingEarth has been an invaluable source of data for truth believers but as the tide has started to turn in favour of the flat earth model he recently decided to reveal his identity, and his unquestionable credentials, to the community he’s been working so hard to support. He has received an overwhelmingly positive response to “coming out” and is now justifiably regarded as one of the most important figures in the movement to bring the truth of our world to the masses. “I have a duty to free as many minds as I possibly can before I pass on into God’s care and I realised I couldn’t do that unless I have both a face and a name people could rally around. As a Professor I feel I should not only look after my students, but my country, my people, who are all God’s children after all. It would’ve been wrong to remain in hiding.”

I recently visited Rutland University to meet the Professor, to look at the library of evidence he’s has put together. We also spoke at length about his work, his beliefs and what we can do to convince people who are so blinded by claims for which there is clearly no positive scientific evidence to support them, that they need to open their eyes to the truth, the truth God always knew, always told us but yet for some reason we ignored. I think you’ll find his insights fascinating.

Me: “When did you first start to question the globe earth myth?

Cookson: “I was a big fan of Star Trek as a boy, and I remember one day I asked my Dad why all the planets they visited were round, every single on of them. He said he didn’t know, and that was my first clue. At school we learned astronomy and again, every planet was round, on posters, in textbooks, everywhere. In Star Wars, the Death Star was round; why? Then, after watching a documentary on the moon landings, which looked so obviously fake – you don’t go to the moon to play golf – I realised the common link. Money, money was the reason. 1. If you want to watch Star Trek you need a TV, which costs money. 2. If you want to study astronomy you need to buy textbooks, which cost money. 3. Star Wars, from space ships to action figures, and the Death Star itself, they all cost money. 4. NASA, paid billions a year to show us nothing but globe planets and gravity theories, all of which cost money, which they have to get from somewhere. It was obvious, right then, that globe planets are money-spinners because the true, that there is no gravity, that the earth is flat, costs nothing; you can’t make money from truth.”

Me: “What’s the worst thing about the globe-earth model?

Cookson: “For me, the lies about Antarctica. Who goes there? Scientists. Nobody else gets to go. I can’t just go there and look around and they don’t want me to because if I did I would reach the edge of the earth and their lies would all come crumbling down like a house of cards. They don’t let us go to the ends of the earth because then we’d find the truth and their money-spinning lies would come to an end. “

Me: “Every year rockets are supposedly launched into outer space, to the International Space Station. If they’re not really in space where do you think they’re going?

Cookson: “Well, let’s deal with outer space first. It’s not there. The stars? They are lights put there by God, 3000 miles high, so we can see at night. You can’t fly into heaven, so these so-called spaceships fly very fast to the edge of the earth where we can’t see them, and then they come back very fast too. The supplies they carry are going to the scientists and security who patrol Antarctica to stop us from exploring it ourselves. Satellites? What need do we have for those? There are towers on mountains that broadcast TV and radio signals across the planet. As for that wretched Space Station, well it’s funny isn’t it how there are no pictures of the earth taken from it? They’re always taken from behind it, or above it. How is that possible? It’s not, it’s done on a computer. Anyone can do it. If they don’t keep the lies going they don’t make any money and that’s ultimately why they do it.”

Me: “You are very active on social media, giving people new information every day. When someone who doesn’t believe in God asks you why you think the earth is flat, what’s the first thing you say to them?

Cookson: “I have a top ten things I could say, but I usually start with the most obvious. If the earth was a spinning globe I wouldn’t be able to walk west, but I can, and so can you. I don’t need to run at hundreds of miles an hour to do it, I can just walk west. Once you realise you can do that, the rest should be pretty obvious.”


“If the earth was a spinning globe then how come the north pole is ALWAYS seen in the same spot?” – Tila Tequila

Me: “And for the particularly stubborn ones?

Cookson: “In my lecture room I have a plastic ball which is attached to a short pole that I can fit into a drill. I give a student a jug of water and ask them to pour it onto the ball. Obviously, it just pours straight off. Then I turn the drill on and the ball spins. I ask the student to pour on more water and it, obviously, creates a spray as the water hits the spinning ball. Then I just say “still think the oceans curve around a globe?” and that is pretty much the end of the debate.”

Me: “Do you agree that if we hadn’t allowed secular thinking to poison the minds of our children that we’d all happily live together on our flat earth?

Cookson: “Well, we have to be very careful about religion these days. The last Pope said he believed in evolution, and many religious people pray for astronauts to “come back” safely. Religion has been poisoned too. Ultimately, you have to trust your eyes, know that God gave them to you and they only ever show you the truth. Trust in God, first, your Bible second and in yourself third. The Bible is the unquestionable authority on the natural world and only a non-Christian could believe the earth is a globe. Forget the petty claims of some of the deluded religious people and most scientists too; all the experiments in the world can’t make the horizon curve when you look at it, no matter how high you go.”

Me: “So you’re saying that all we need to do is, literally, open our eyes to see the truth?

Cookson: “Exactly. The next time it rains, go outside and watch how the rain falls straight down. Sometimes it might fall at a slight angle due to wind, but it’s still very much coming “down”. Now, if the clouds are in the sky but the earth is spinning at hundreds of miles an hour, what do you think would happen to the rain? Well, you’d never see any rain, it would be impossible for it to fall down to earth because the earth is moving too fast. Do the clouds move at hundreds of miles an hour? No, of course not. Do you think gravity holds clouds in place? Don’t be absurd, clouds are water vapour, gravity couldn’t hold vapour in place! Clouds move because of wind, no other reason. And we have rain because the earth is not spinning. All observable, you can go out and see the science at work for yourself.”

Me: “God has infinite understanding, scientists have the media and globe-earth believers watch TV more than they go to church. How does someone like yourself grab the attention of media outlets to spread your message when the BBC have hundreds more programmes about science than they do about religion and there are no TV shows about the globe-earth myth?”

Cookson: “I’m fine with the lies staying on TV. If I did a flat earth TV show nobody would believe it BECAUSE it was on TV! If you want to find truth, use the internet. There are hundreds of thousands of videos and websites dedicated to the truth of creation, of the cosmos, of the flat earth we live on and it’s all free. The truth shall set you free because the truth is free; no TV license required. Luckily, there are some famous people already in the system who are speaking out. I know they’re listening to me so as long as they keep doing what they’re doing there’s always a chance that TV companies will start changing their ways.”



Me: “What do you say to those who criticise the flat-earth movement, particularly from a scientific point of view. Many famous and influential scientists have questioned the explanations you and your peers have offered against the globe-earth model, so how do you respond to them?”

Cookson: “Well of course those who claim to believe in a globe-earth model will tell anyone who will listen that the science of those they don’t agree with is faulty or false! They would lose credibility if they admitted our calculations make sense but more than anything they are abusing their positions to belittle people, to keep them down, to keep the truth away from them through their misinformation. They will say and do anything to keep their myth going but they’re losing. What they are doing is satanic. Think about it: on the one hand they will say there is no evidence for God and ask us to prove he exists, and then when we say  there’s no evidence to support a globe-earth model they say they don’t need to provide proof! You want evidence? Read your Bible and stop denying God! But when we want evidence we get nothing, just pseudo-science about other planets, a supposedly giant Sun, a moon that’s really just a hologram and obviously fabricated “photographs” supposedly taken from outer space, which doesn’t even exist. I want proof of outer space; take me up there if you’re so sure it’s there! Oh, what’s that, I’m not an astronaut so I can’t go, just like I can’t go to Antarctica because I’m not a scientist. It’s all smoke and mirrors, but they’re losing the battle, whatever evidence they put forward  is quickly disproven by God’s own word and then they resort to insults, so you know you’ve won the argument. It’s all about money, power and control and they have it all…or they used to. I ran a Twitter poll and 98% of respondents believe the earth is flat. That’s compelling, that’s convincing, that’s proof. People can see with their own eyes that they’re being lied to.”

Me: “It’s truly a shame, but things are so much better for us now than maybe ten years ago, wouldn’t you agree?”

Cookson: “There’s a long way to go but we have truth on our side…can the God-deniers and anti-theists say the same thing? No, they can’t. I’m a Professor, I’m proven to be an intelligent man and I’m also a man of God. I’m telling you what I know to be true, I’m telling people to use their own powers of reason and deduction. There is nothing you cannot see with your own eyes that suggests anything other than our world being flat. Forget science, forget reason, forget education, forget intelligence, and just open your eyes.”

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