Reginald Blenkinsop – Britain’s only octogenarian adult movie performer.

By Christopher Norman

For most people, retirement means moving to a nice place by the seaside, having the grandchildren over every month or so, picnics in the sunshine and enjoying your final days in a care-free manner. You may do a spot of keep-fit to keep your old bones moving, or just take long, slow walks (mostly downhill if you can) away from anywhere youths might be. Reginald “Old Timer” Blenkinsop, however, is doing his retirement somewhat differently to most.

“I always had a high sex drive” he told me, “so much so I’ve often wondered whether or not my dear wife, Daisy, passed away because she couldn’t keep up with my needs. I really hope not, that would crush me.” You may or may not recall Reginald was involved in a brief but high-profile manslaughter case back in 2002. He and his wife were enjoying a spot of BDSM when Daisy had an asthma attack. Unfortunately for both, she had a gimp ball in her mouth and was unable to let Reginald know she couldn’t breathe. She fell unconscious before Reginald had finished and by the time he realised she wasn’t pretending to be dead, it was too late. Their only son, Robert, gave an emotional speech in court whereby he informed the jury that his parents had enjoyed a rich and varied sex life and had left no stone unturned in pursuit of orgasmic highs. On the strength of his testimony Reginald was found not guilty of manslaughter. Putting yourself in his shoes you might well steer well clear of sex, especially at the age of 67 but Reginald wasn’t going to let public opinion change who he was, far from it. Rather than spend his last few precious years on Earth sulking or mourning, Reginald offered his services to women of all ages as a male escort, a way of earning a bit of money while ensuring his need for sex was fulfilled and after a chance meeting with Birmingham-based porn starlet “Vanessa Pink”, a performer for the highly-rated “Pornostatic” film company, Reginald found what he believes was always his true calling, making his porn debut in 2006. “Asians Love Grandad” became the second most  downloaded porn video of the year and earned Reginald the coveted “Best Newcomer – International” gong at the Adult Video Awards in 2007, his first of many AVN successes. The rest, as they say, is history.

Now, at the ripe old age of 81 and with a decade of porn films behind him, we met with Reginald to find out how the adult film industry is treating him and whether or not he’s ready to break yet another porn record – his most recent film, “Fuck My Ass, Grandy! Vol. 7” was filmed 4 days after his 81st birthday making him, officially, the joint-eldest active porn star in history (in 1991 Candice Flowers set the record but sadly died shortly afterwards of internal haemorrhaging). Reginald’s porn career is a far cry from his many years working as a carpet fitter in Sutton Coldfield and is something even he did not see coming. I met him on-set in Birmingham last week and found him in ebullient form during his lunch break just one day before what would prove to be his record-breaking sex scene, starring alongside none other than his 19 year-old girlfriend. Some guys have all the luck!

Chris: “You’ve just finished your second scene today and it’s only 12pm. What’s your secret?”

Reg: “I lost my virginity when I was 14, to my mate next door’s mum, who was about 40. She said to me, afterwards, “good sex lasts a lifetime, don’t ever stop, you stud” and I’ve held those words close to my heart ever since. I’ll die having sex, hopefully while nuts deep in a young ‘un!”

Chris: “Well that wouldn’t be a new experience for you! How is it young women are so keen to have sex with you in front of the camera?”

Reg: “I’ve been dicking for over 65 years, I know a thing or two the young lads don’t. My dear wife Daisy, who was only the second woman I had sex with and I never once cheated on her by the way, loved the cock and loved the way I gave it to her. She encouraged me to try out new things all the time. Our sex life was incredible. We did bring other people into the bedroom with us and she was fine with that but I don’t count that as cheating. We’ve had foursomes with her and two other women, a threesome with a transsexual, and I’ve had guys fuck me while she watched. Nothing was taboo except, obviously, they had to be over 18 to play with us. She got me into younger women who I’d plough from behind while they licked her out. Compared to most men I have about six inches to spare so I never had any problem making a woman climax and I have decades of experience. Young porn actresses are curious about whether or not I deserve my reputation so they’re literally lining up to have a go and I don’t disappoint them. I have a girlfriend, who’s also doing porn, Leticia. She turns 20 next year and yet she can barely keep up with me. I’ll be giving her an extra-special workout tomorrow, I can tell you!”

Chris: “Ah yes, you’re about to become a world-record holder. How does that feel?”

Reg: “Oh it’s a wonderful feeling, it really is, to achieve something like this because I’m old, not despite it. Best of all, as it’s Leticia I’m fucking tomorrow I get to finish off inside her. Haven’t decided where yet, so it’ll be a surprise for her but nothing she’s not used to by now. We’re going to be having a little party tomorrow night at some swanky bar in town, not usually my thing at all but apparently there are going to be quite a few industry people there so maybe Leticia and I will get to take someone back home to play with afterwards. It’s all good news, Chris, it’s all good news!

Chris: “You must encounter a lot of jealousy from the younger men in the industry?”

Reg: “None that I know of. These guys are fit, toned and attractive, and I’m certainly not! To be honest I’m just a very big, very thick dick to most of the women I perform with and 116531_645785f_770x1155generally I never do missionary because if I was a woman aged 21 I would not want to see a fat old man on top of me, even if he was giving me the best seeing-to I’d had, so they can enjoy the pretty boys for their looks and me for my considerable manhood and experience. I reckon the blokes know this too which is why I’ve not had any trouble with them.”

Chris: “Do your friends and family know what you do? If so, how have they dealt with it?”

Reg: “I don’t keep secrets from my son. Initially he wasn’t happy that I was doing the male escorting thing so soon after Daisy died, and the trial of course, but I told her that if I went first she should make sure, if nothing else, she got a bit of cock if she wanted it and she should do so with my blessing. I know she felt the same about me. I have to be careful though because Robert works in Education and it wouldn’t look good on him if people found out what his old Dad does for a living. Some of my friends have met Leticia but she knows all about discretion as her day job involves working with troubled teenagers – most people think she’s my carer which is fine as we sometimes role-play that, you know, when the old man has wet himself and needs to be cleaned up. She gets off on that but it’s obviously not something we talk about with friends, the porn stuff.”

Chris: “Have you performed in any scenes with a really big-name porn star? You’ve made a lot of films and I honestly haven’t checked them all out before today.”

Reg: “A few, though they generally insist I wear a mask/disguise as they have to think about their careers, which I appreciate. I’ve played a burglar about a dozen times now as a result. I can’t name names, sadly, but I’ve done scenes with about 6 very high profile women and 2 of the better known shemales.”

Chris: “Do you consider yourself bisexual then?”

Reg: “No, I’m just very comfortable with my sexuality. Both the shemales I’ve fucked on-screen have had a sex change since so I just think of them as women anyway. Despite my age I like to think I’m very open-minded when it comes to LGBT fucking although I was always top and I never played with their cocks, not even off-camera for a laugh.”

Chris: “How does the money compare to your days being a carpet fitter?”

Reg: “I made a tidy packet out of carpets – I had a business and ten fitters working for me. I sold up13 when I was 60 and lived off that pretty well. These days I get paid about £500 a day which is usually 4 hours work and I try to do at least 2 days a week if I can. After the taxman’s had his bit it’s still a very comfortable amount to live off for someone my age.”

Chris: “How much longer can you keep going? Have you had any performance problems in front of the camera?”

Reg: “I haven’t done an orgy or bukakke on-screen so I probably want to do that before I knock it all on the head, maybe a little fem-dom too. It’s hard to get bored when every week there’s a new 19 or 20 year-old who has asked specifically for me to fuck them on-camera. I take each day as it comes so if I wake up one day and I don’t feel like I need to fuck before breakfast, that’ll be the day I retire. As for performance problems the worst thing that’s happened is that a couple of times I just couldn’t climax. I was doing the last scene for “Squirting on Grandad Volume 2″ with this gorgeous Portuguese girl and she said she didn’t mind as I’d spent the last 90 minutes fucking her dry. In the end she had a drink and just wanked me off onto her tits, so all was well in the end. I’ve been lucky, some guys have problems all the time but not me.”

Chris: “You’ve had offers to appear on chat-shows but you’ve turned all of them down. Rumour has it Jonathon Ross offered you £250k? Did you really turn that down?”

Reg: “When I perform people know it’s me from my body and my cock, but I’m usually wearing make-up or a mask to obscure me, even beards and wigs. The camera generally points anywhere but my face so unless you’ve seen me naked you wouldn’t know it’s me. If I turn up on TV that’s my cover blown and I couldn’t do that to my son. I’ll happily do podcasts though.”

Chris: “There are people who think it’s disgusting that you make porn at your age and that most of the women you have sex with are 60 years younger than you. What do you say to those people?”

Reg: “They’re hypocrites. You can’t tell me that if you’re a sexually active pensioner you wouldn’t want to fuck someone in their late teens or old_farts_young_tarts_grandpa_fucks_teenearly 20’s if you could. I have sex with middle-aged women too, don’t forget, and I doubt anyone has a problem with that. It’s not like I’m parked in a van outside a school, waiting, like Jimmy Saville or Rolf Harris. These are adults, young but adults all the same and my cock is not the first that’s been up them, not by a long way.”

Chris: “Finally, for a man who has more sex in his 80’s than most people have in their 20’s and 30’s, what advice can you give to people about keeping their sex life from going stale?”

Reg: “Don’t sleep around. Find the one who’s right for you, love them, marry them and then spend your days finding new, interesting, risky, exciting, weird, dirty and nasty ways to fuck. Don’t rule anything out, don’t say no if yes is legal, do it everywhere you can, indoors and outdoors. Stay faithful but filthy – you can do whatever you want with no risk of catching something nasty. Don’t forget romance though, never forget to be romantic. If Daisy and I were up for a bit of anal fun we’d douche each other as part of our foreplay, for example. Look, I’m 81 and I’ve won awards for fucking, over ten of them. That didn’t happen because I let a mid-life crisis mess up my sex life, it happened because I fucked my way through mid-life. Never stop fucking, even if it’s shit, is my advice.”

Chris: “Thank you Reginald, you are a living legend.”

Reg: “My pleasure, Chris, hope your readers enjoy it.”

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